Monday, September 22, 2008

activity concepts for “civic Square” and “Water Front”

I’ve been thinking for the activity concepts for the sites “civic square” and “water front”.

for Civic square, it is near to the library, so one possible activity to do is to go into the library to do some research on some transports. Maybe ask them to find out the carbon emission rate for 3 of the transports that they come across when they make their way to the civic square. The method of research can be or not be restricted to books only.

for water front, at daytime I notice there are a few carbon free transportation driving around, eg, bicycle, skate board, the “four seater bike” etc. We can send them to find 3 of these carbon free transports and take pictures of them.

or… there are a few bus stops around Tepapa. We can set an active area and ask them to find and locate all the bus stops within that active area. This way, they’ll learn and remember all the bus stops around that area.

That’s all for now. Will updates if I can think of any other possible activities.

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