Monday, August 25, 2008

project 2 - concept

I notice that in our design school, there's a difference in term or the usage of stairs and elevator between the two design block ( Vivian St's building and WIG building ). People would normally walk up the stairs to the above levels in Vivian St's block, whereas in WIG block elevator is always being used. One of the main reason for this happening is because of the different placement of the stairs and lift between the two building. In the Vivian St's building, the stairs big and wide, and is being placed in a spot that is very eye catching, which in many cases it is the very first thing people sees when they entered the building. Whereby the elevator is being placed aside, not having much of an attention. Whereas in WIG building, the design/placement is completely opposite. The elevator becomes the main focus when people want to travel up to the above level, and the stairs are being located aside, and the stairway is always shut by a door.

As such, I see that the first thing the people sees or come across very likely will be the one they'll use.

The theme for this project is "sustainability". Elevator takes up a huge amount of electricity usage, therefore in order to cut down the electricity output by the elevator, my installation will set up to persude people to use the stairs in WIG building.

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