Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Project1 - project debriefing

Being carbon neutral, or carbon neutrality, refers to neutral (meaning zero) total carbon release, brought about by balancing the amount of carbon released with the amount sequestered or offset. However, various special interests have attempted to promote a use of the term that refers to carbon reduction, which is clearly not neutral.

In this project, focusing on this globle issue, special attention is given to the transportation and the Wellington region.

Wellington is a very compact city where people live close to each other. Within a small and confined area, there are a lot of vehicles traveling in and out of the city everyday, emitting large amount of carbon and therefore the pollution rate can be very high.

The quickest and the most efficient way to reduce carbon emission is to reduce the amount of cars in Wellington region. With a significant amount of public transportations we have in Wellington, car is not a necessary tool for transport. As such, the target audience for this interacting game project will be mainly focusing on “drivers”, who are mostly office workers or university students. How can we create a game that can interest them, provides them an aesthetic experience, and at the same time addressed them the message that we want to convey?

project debrief pdf file <-- download

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